About Climate Phys

Climate Phys is founded based on awareness. We’re not scientists, but we’re enthusiasts. And while the planet is advancing in technology, the planet is dying, too. Climate change deniers exist. With the information freely available and the top scientists in the world agreeing climate change is real, it’s time for a community to come together to spread awareness of climate change.

Who’s Behind Climate Phys?

Climate Phys is designed to be a community, but we have three main founders working on this project in tandem:

  • Jeff: A passionate writer that studies biology and is obtaining his degree. Jeff has been passionate about the earth his entire life, and his wealth of knowledge is shared on this blog.
  • Kyle: The do-everything person on the team. Kyle is an avid surfer and traveler, and he has seen the drastic destruction left behind via climate change.
  • Lisa: The final member of the team is Lisa (me). I’m a science-nerd / hippy that loves the planet and taking actionable steps to lower my carbon footprint.

We’re the team behind Climate Phys, but we need help, too.

The Goal of Climate Phys

Climate Phys is a community, and we need to grow together. This is where you come in. You can be part of the community, too. Share a post with us, share our posts, or guide a friend to our website when they deny climate change.

You can do a lot to make a difference.

Our goal is simple:

  • Increase awareness about climate change
  • Suggest ways people can reduce their impact on climate change

We can do it, but one person isn’t enough to slow climate change. Humanity has damaged the planet gravely, and if the world doesn’t work together to reverse the effects of climate change, we’re in a dire situation.

The Paris Climate Agreement is a step in the right direction.

But if everyone on the planet did their part today, we could reduce our carbon impact with simple, no-cost changes to the activities that we partake in daily. A simple change in the type of lightbulbs you use and carpooling a few times a week reduces your carbon footprint immediately.

We also want to hear from you, our readers and part of our community, on ways you’ve reduced and eliminated your impact. Suggest ways that people can make a change, and if the suggestions are easy to implement, a lot of people will make these positive changes.